Thursday, January 18, 2018

Vermeer meets Lubbock Lights

I've been thinking about re-visiting Burr Oak acorns, since I feel like I've learned a great deal about botanical watercolor since my first attempt at them. I had a couple lying around the studio and I placed them in the window one morning, and then promptly forgot about them until the afternoon, when the sunlight happened to strike them in a way that looked very much like a painting by Vermeer. Moments later, the light was gone. So I started fiddling around with a lamp to try to re-create the light, but it was difficult to keep the acorns in exactly the position I wanted them. So today I stopped off at my Least Favorite Hobby Store in the World and bought a dowel, a package of wooden checkers, and a styrofoam base.  

Some epoxy and a dab of putty later, et voilĂ . Vermeer meets Lubbock Lights.

Now to paint them...

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  1. Your work is quietly breathtaking, Susan. I am so impressed! Loved seeing your website.