Saturday, May 14, 2016

Chocolate Daisy

I recently started a project documenting some local flora as part of a long-term project, and naturally I started with my favorite wildflower, Berlanderia lyrata, or "Chocolate Daisy." The painting is the most difficult I've done yet, in part because I was worried about making this particular flower look cartoonish. Because the daisy is the first flower any of us ever draw,  and because we also think of daisies as rather happy-go-lucky, I think it is hard to take illustrations of it seriously. In fact, I searched quite a bit for other examples from which I could learn, and while there are legions of tulips, exotic fruits, and irises galore, I found very few daisies that were not caricatures. So I was quite nervous about doing justice to this particular beautiful, sturdy, surprisingly elegant flower. I think, to a degree, I succeeded. I should probably take a better photo of it, but it is a rainy Saturday and I am feeling lazy.