Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The tinker's bicycle

You may remember that a couple of autumns ago I was working on building this bicycle frame from scratch:

I was having an incredibly fun time of it, but then, you know, life intervened. First it got too cold to work in the shop. Then we started a big house remodel and the workers took over my workspace. Then I had to bring my garden back to life. It's an old story.

But fall is in the air. Okay, I know the temperatures are still in the 90s here, but that autumnal frisson is wafting about, nontheless. So lately I've been thinking about that unfinished project, and how much I enjoy going out to the shop in the evenings, and working with the windows wide open to all the possibilities in the Universe...

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  1. Here's to the soonest possible drop in the temperatures so you can get out there!


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