Sunday, June 2, 2013

Like fence posts on a highway

That's how fast my life has been going by lately. I'm exhausted from it, I tell you, and since I signed up to teach summer school, something tells me it isn't going to slow down anytime soon, either.

Nevertheless, in a fit of misplaced optimism, I've made a list of summer projects for the garden. I'm too tired to do much more than list them here, without explanation or pictures:

  1. Create utility area/put together storage unit
  2. Make gate for arbor in utility area
  3. Make new compost bin for utility area
  4. Construct rain barrel topper
  5. Build semi-permanent hoop house
  6. Finish laying gravel in back flower beds
  7. Build low gabion wall for front garden
  8. Espalier pear tree
  9. Espalier fig tree
  10. Finish/maintain drip irrigation
  11. Set up sun sail for side garden
  12. Finish outdoor kitchen
  13. Paint trim on shop
  14. Hire someone to put gutter on shop
  15. Etc.
 I'll put all this in a sidebar (replacing the Twelve Days of Cleaning list, which I mostly completed, albeit not in the allotted twelve day...)


  1. I like how you put this list on your side bar (I might have to steal that idea)- it kind of holds you accountable, or at least it is a good reminder! I still haven't blogged my annual garden project list- that must be on my list somewhere. Actually I haven't blogged about anything in a while so your post is a good inspiration. Thanks!

  2. Yikes! I'm sorry that life is going so fast for you, and I sympathize. I was racing along keeping up with two construction projects, writing the new memoir, and other stuff, and after injuring myself three separate times, I finally realized my body was trying to tell me something. (Duh.) So now all the projects are still there, but I'm taking them at my own pace. They'll be done when they're done, I say. I hope yours work that way. BTW, I envy you a fig tree to espalier. They just won't grow at 7,030 elevation! Breathe.

  3. I about to pay increased rent on my old place if I don't move fast...I hear you! Your list on the sidebar...must copy that...after I work some more on designs, do my 2-3 blog entries on some Lubbock landscapes like your's, etc...

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