Wednesday, December 19, 2012

On the first day of cleaning, my true love...

...was in his study, working on research. I, on the other hand, took advantage of the beautiful, windless and dust-storm-less day to clean the outside of all the downstairs windows, save two.

This is the tool I used:

It beats all to hell the way I used to clean windows, which involved a spray bottle of Windex and a lot of paper towels. This goes much faster: dip the tool in a bucket of water cut with a cleaning solution, scrub the window panes with the mop side, flip it and squeegee the panes clean. Move to the next window. At the end of the day, throw the mop part in the washing machine.

Easy. as. pie.

For the cleaning solution, I used some capfuls of a professional window washing soap in a bucket of hot water. I know, I know, vinegar works just as well, but I can't stand the smell. I also know that dishwashing soap works just as well, but what the hey, I had this bottle of cleaning solution on hand, so I thought I'd use it up instead of throwing it down the drain.

It took me most of the day to clean the windows, not because this method is slow (it is faster than fast!), but because I had to repair a hose (see, in re, "squirrels"), and then remove some storm windows and clean them, too. Plus, I also cleaned some blinds. And I kept taking breaks and going inside to watch an Hercule Poirot movie from a  boxed set my sister Amy loaned me.

On the docket for today: File, purge, and deep clean in my study. This could actually take a couple of days, even without needing to remove storm windows.

You will notice that I've posted my list on the sidebar, and have used my clever knowledge of HTML code to check off the window washing. The list is there to keep me honest in my quest, because as we all know, it is easy deceive ourselves about quests (see, "windmill tilting").

I love putting my house in order. It smells like victory.


  1. That's a cool tool...must find it and then clean outside windows. There's nothing like the winter angle of the sun to point out the dirty windows! g

    1. Gail--your local hardware store has one. They are an incredible improvement. I am not exaggerating when I say it actually makes the job fun.

  2. I have found a much simpler solution to cleaning windows:

    1) Marry the right man (pay special attention to what sort of mother he has)
    2) Invite your Mother-in-law over for dinner from time to time
    3) Bring your mother-in-law flowers (store-bought or from the garden - either works) every time she invites you for dinner
    3a) OPTIONAL: always make extra jars of jam/marmalade/cookies so there is some to give to your mother-in-law
    4) Fix her computer whenever it starts doing strange things
    5) Receive phone call from mother-in-law, asking when you'll be out of the house so she can stop by and clean the windows
    6) Enjoy sparkling clean windows and mirrors throughout your home

    Yes, I'm spoiled... Or should I say lucky, rather?


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