Friday, June 8, 2012

Progress on the back garden: Gravel terrace completion

Not much time for chit chatting this morning, as I've got to get ready to teach my summer class on natural history illustration. Here are a few photos, however, of the progress I've made on the back garden makeover. I've started by building a gravel terrace in an area that gets very heavy, destructive traffic from the dogs (they like to race around under the pecan tree barking at squirrels).


During construction:


Two things I'd like to mention:
1) Those paver stones weigh 22 pounds apiece, and I laid every stinking one of them.
2) Walu is a hero for wheelbarrowing in all that gravel for me.


  1. I love it! I also laid paving stones, and you aren't lying. They were a lot, and are a bit unhandy. Congrats on completion! I wish I could take your class. Love the chairs.~~Dee

  2. Looking good! I wish I had enough flat land to have a gravel area....It's very attractive.

  3. You have been exceedingly busy! It looks good!

  4. It looks great and I can't believe you put all those in place yourself.


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