Sunday, June 24, 2012

Our Summer Kitchen

Walu and I are having a little work done on our kitchen right now:

So I've set up a grill and an outdoor sink on the back patio to use as our "summer kitchen" until the real kitchen is finished:

Here is Walu rinsing off some fruit:

The water is hooked up to an outside faucet using Pex tubing, which is rated for potable water. It is the white tubing that you can see in this photo:

The black tubing is the drain, which is a 25' length that I move around in the garden and lawn, giving the plants a little extra boost of gray water. The dish soap won't hurt them:

So that I don't attract pests, when I dump out my dish water, I remove the food particles with the strainer shown in the photo.

Come dish washing time, I fill a plastic tub with hot, soapy water, scrub the dishes, rinse them off with cold water, and set them in a dish rack that I take inside before the flies figure out what is going on. If I cook fish or shrimp, I add an extra tub for a final, disinfecting rinse of 1 tablespoon of bleach to 1 gallon of hot water. It isn't all that different from how we wash dishes on canoe trips, except that I get to use potable water instead of river water.

The sink is a simple, relatively inexpensive one that is meant to be used in camp or the garden, and after the inside kitchen is finished, I'll probably break it down and find another spot for it in the garden. Or...maybe not. I was outside washing dishes this evening while a local brass band was playing in a neighborhood park. I looked out over the garden while scrubbing dishes in the hot, sudsy water, listened to the distant music of the band, and a routine task was turned into something special. Naturally, I got to thinking that a more permanent outdoor kitchen would not be such a bad project to take on...


  1. how smart and wonderful!!! I bet you two will make a lot of wonderful memories cooking out of doors this summer :) I'm glad you're thinking about a permanent kitchen, too- I was thinking an outdoor kitchen sounded wonderful before I'd even gotten to the end of the post :)

    1. We took down our old redwood deck and have all this nice leftover wood...

      I've ordered some books to get some ideas.

  2. Love the innovative sink setup! When we were without a kitchen, the bathroom sink and tub were washing stations. We did a lot of grilling.

  3. I love the idea of an outdoor kitchen! Thank you for the inspiration. I'm going to include that in my knew tiny house plans....


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