Thursday, May 31, 2012

Humane pest control: Birds

We've been having a problem with Eurasian collared doves roosting in my neighbor Nancy's pecan tree, right over the spot where we park our cars at night. They have been making quite the mess.

Tired of driving around in a car covered in a crusty topping of bird poo, I took the advice from another neighbor and bought a plastic owl from my nursery, thinking to put it in Nancy's tree. I didn't have time to do it right away, however, and so I temporarily stuck it on top of the rain tank shown in this photo:

Miracle of miracles, the poo ceased raining from the heavens pecan tree. I left it there for a few days and we got a bit of a respite, but since the instructions said to move the owl every few days, I did that. Apparently it was to a spot that less obvious to the doves, however, since they came back and the poo storm started up again. So I moved it back and it stopped.

Last night I finally got around to asking Nancy if I could put the owl in the pecan tree. She agreed, though she was skeptical (as was I, still, a little bit). I put the owl in the crotch of the tree and secured it using an old bicycle tube. It might not be the ideal spot in the tree, but I was afraid to climb any higher on the ladder:

This morning I peeked out my window and saw a clean car.

Maybe it works? I'll keep you posted.


  1. I saw a story from Green Bay where they put fake predator birds on something that looked like a clothes line with pulleys and it was moved at random times while making it's call (and powered by solar power). That took care of a sea gull problem around the football stadium and arena businesses.

  2. Sounds like a very humane way to fight a pest problem!

    A bit like the trick used commonly here in Denmark to keep small birds from colliding with large window areas; you can buy black stickers in the outline of predator birds, and so the tits and wagtails and other cute birds with somewhat rude names stay well away from the windows.

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  4. Hope it works for you, although im reminded of a photo I saw of a similar plastic bird located on an office block in central London... complete with a pigeon sat on its head :)

    Gaz - Alternative Eden

  5. Thanks for the post. There are some related items in the Birds section of the Humane Pest Control site here:

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