Monday, December 12, 2011

Simp-My-Life: Report on Day Two of the Alternative Non-Consecutive Twelve Days of Christmas

As I have mentioned, Walu and I are planning a kitchen remodel in the upcoming year. Well, mostly I'm planning it. Walu is mainly planning to bear it like a soldier when it happens.

Anyway, I've been looking at magazines about kitchens for ideas, and one question keeps arising in my mind: who are these people with the perfectly matched sets of all-white dishes stacked neatly behind the glass doors in the kitchen cabinets? I mean, really? Who lives like that? What happens when the odd blue dish creeps into the house? Do you scream and attack it with a broom?

If I get glass doors on my cabinets, I'm gonna fill those cabinets with every lonely, mismatched plate I can find. I'm gonna put plastic Flintstones cups in there! Gimme coffee mugs from State Farm Insurance! Guernsey cow salt and pepper shakers! Then I'm gonna post photos of it all on the interwebs to show matching-sets-of-white-dishes people how to live it up a little!

OK, on to the report: Yesterday I finished the Queen Anne ottoman I started during the last Christmas break. I count this as de-cluttering, since I'd essentially finished all the components last year but for the assembly, but was put off by all the laborious sanding required by the cabriole legs. (What? I can't use the random orbit sander? Pffshh!) All year I've left them on top of a work table in the shop, right where I could see them, hoping that since they were annoyingly in the way, I'd be inspired to go ahead and finish the job. But they must have been annoyingly in the way in a singularly uninspired manner, because I just never got around to it. I moved them out of the way a lot so I could work on other things...and then moved them right back in the way so that I wouldn't forget to work on them. So there you go. Another brilliant plan bites the dust. And they were annoying.

Anyway, here 'tis, finished up and in its proper place:

 I also finished organizing and cleaning the laundry room. Here are the new blinds that replaced the light-proof shutters:

And though I'd installed these earlier in the autumn, I like them so much, I'm including them in my Simp-My-Life List O' De-Clutter Goodness: dog and cat food bins:

Finally, I hung a hat rack in the bedroom and filled it with the four hats I use the most:
I may or may not get rid of the other hats; I haven't quite decided...

The rest of the week may be spotty with reports, as it will be busy with grading and the general wrapping up of the semester--hence the "non-consecutive" part of the alternative Twelve Days. I'll work on things as I can, though, as it will give me a much needed psychological break from grading.


  1. "What happens when the odd blue dish creeps into the house? Do you scream and attack it with a broom?" You had me howling with that one! I want to simp my life, too. I was going to say finding time is difficult but you're way busier than I am & you find it. Maybe I'll make myself a version of the 50s-60s husband's "job jar" & pull one item a day to do!

  2. What about those kitchens with the open shelves, not even any glass to hide behind? I love the look but my reality won't allow it.!

  3. w00t! Love that you've chosen this challenge! Keep with the simp'in!

  4. The dog and cat food bins are good ideas. Its important to consider every living being in your home when you try to renovate or remodel the living space. As said, those neatly stacked plates are possible only in the posters in magazines and in films. Its hard to arrange things and maintain them in the same fashion.  

  5. You are too funny. You protest your orderliness yet your photos holler the opposite. You know you want it.

    At our house the glass doors help us figure out where put our stuff. Although I have to say Susan does bark at people who mix the pasta bowls with the serving bowls.

  6. I really enjoyed the pictures!

    Going to follow your blog more closely!

    Awesome find!



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