Sunday, December 11, 2011

Simp My Life: Report on Day One of the Twelve Days of Christmas

It's my project and I get to make the rules, and so Rule Number One is that there will be no "before" photos. Sorry, but them's the rules.

Now that that is out of the way, on to my report for Day One:

My original plan for day one involved getting rid of most of my enormous hat collection, but as I was going through them, it occurred to me that I actually wear quite of few on a regular basis, and can make a case for retaining those. So I need a way in which to store them so that I can continue to reduce clutter. The plan I came up with required some shopping and closet re-organization (which I was planning to do anyway), and so I spent much of yesterday on the road, fighting the Christmas crowd. It was not in vain, however, and as a bonus, I shopped for some organizational tools that I will need for the other de-cluttering projects on my list.

Since shopping took up much of the day, I only had time to do a small project, but it turned out so well, it made for an excellent kick-off. Some years ago, I turned our laundry room into a photo darkroom, but since the advent of digital photography, I haven't had any use for it for several years. I'm planning to get rid of all the darkroom equipment over the break (if possible), and yesterday, I took down all the light-proof shutters on the windows.

Quelle miracle! Such light flowed in!

One of the shutters was over the kitchen sink, which looks out over the laundry room (which used to be the back porch, long before we moved into the house). And although it let a lot of light in the kitchen by taking down the shutter, it meant that anyone washing the dishes now looks down on...well, the laundry room. I don't know about your laundry room but ours is not especially attractive, even under the best of circumstances, what with all the bags of cat litter, bottles of stain remover, boxes of laundry soap, and stuff. While this project is all about getting rid of stuff, unfortunately, this is the sort of stuff I will have to keep. So among all my wanderings along the Christmas shopping highway yesterday, I stopped off at the hardware store and got some frosted glass film. Last night I applied it to the window panes, et voila!

I truly love this, and it was such a simple fix to a major eye-clutter problem. Walu and I have plans to renovate the kitchen sometime in the upcoming year, and when we do, I may replace the window panes with architectural glass in a leaf pattern. For now, however, this really lifts my spirits. I actually enjoyed washing dishes this morning.

Well, not really, but you get my drift.


  1. Brava, on all counts! I need to do some major simplification myself, so I'll watch your progress with interest. And likely a touch of awe.

  2. Love the window. I look at a wall when I wash dishes. I think I need to cover that wall with things that inspire me.

    Thanks for the inspiration.


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