Friday, December 9, 2011

A different kind of Twelve Days of Christmas

I am really, really sick of the clutter in my house. This all started when my sibs and I cleaned out my parents' house a couple of years ago and I saw what a life of stuff-accumulation can lead to (and my parents weren't even what is popularly termed "hoarders"), and the feeling has not gone away. Since that fateful summer, I periodically get this urge to purge the crap that surrounds me, and for some reason I'm really feeling it this Christmas season. So now that the Christmas break is upon us and I'm pondering just which projects to take on between the craziness of the semesters, I'm thinking it might be fun to have a different sort of "Twelve Days of Christmas."

"What if..." I started thinking this morning, "...what if I spent twelve consecutive days of organizing and getting rid of clutter? One project each day?"

I could call it, "Simp My Life."

The trouble with this plan at the moment is that though I am in a lull between the end of classes and when my students' final projects come in and I can start grading them, the Christmas break hasn't actually started. Until the grading is over, things will remain kind of hectic and crazy. This weekend, however, is indeed a calm before the storm of Monday, when the onslaught of papers starts, and so I find myself itching to clean and organize. So I'm declaring executive fiat on the whole consecutive days thing and saying that I can start tomorrow and pick it back up next weekend, after Commencement Ceremonies, the traditional start of the semester break.
And so it begins...

Tomorrow: The First Non-Consecutive Day of Christmas, or, The Hats Gotta Go


  1. "Simp my life" Love it!

    After the holidays I'm going to restart my 40 days of decluttering activity. I stopped out after about day 7.

    Off to share this link...

  2. I hear you about this project. We're building an office, which will give us a lot more space, but in the meantime our house and garden are in standby mode with the office stuff cluttering our house and the garden suffering from the construction project. I just want to clear everything away.

  3. You are inspiring my Susan. I am very afraid.

    Carmella the dog


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