Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Thanksgiving interlude

So I spent some time in the woodworking shop during the holidays, cobbling up a couple of whimsical bike doodads, because I was bored, or blue, or something, something. I dunno. Do I need a reason for whimsy? Or would a reason render whimsy non-whimsical?

Anyway, here's the first of the projects:

I had some shiny metal Velo Orange fenders on the Rivendell Betty Foy, but they bothered me. To my mind, they just looked too flashy for a bike I've named after my mother (Frances). My mother was not a flashy person.

So I ordered some elegant cherry fenders from Woody's Custom Cycling Fenders:
Once I put them on, however, the bike rack looked pretty pedestrian. I decided that the thing that would spice it up (without making it look too flashy; see above) would be a matching cherry deck. So I cut a couple of book matched slices from a chunk of scrap cherry:

Milled and glued them:

Cut an annoying "lip" off the rack (annoying because it was always getting in the way of my seat bag) and added a brace from some aluminum bar stock:

Finished things up by adding some cherry buttons to keep the rain out of the tubes, et voila!

The cherry has a little curl/flame in it, and over time, it will darken into a rich amber, close to the color of the leather saddle. Cherry is magic like that, and magic is good, in a non-flashy way.


  1. What a great example of how we can deal with our blue emotions. Love your ingenuity. Miss our chats even the ones at Cowamongus:)

  2. Hey there, Jordan! Yes, I miss those chats, too--especially the ones by the river. Hope you and your family are doing well.

  3. That is such an elegant bicycle. I'm very impressed, and I think you were absolutely right about the rack.

  4. Thank you, Victoria! I do like the way the cherry looks against the turquoise of the bike.

  5. Nice addition to your bike. Adds a little extra personal touch and that is allways good.

  6. Hey there, David! I knew you'd appreciate a woodworking post. ;-)

  7. this is really a thing of beauty.

  8. FABULOUS! But no, not too flashy :)

  9. Oh, quite lovely, especially the detail of those spherical buttons to cap the open tubes. I hope your mother's spirit is smiling at your work.


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