Monday, October 17, 2011

Frame build update

I've got a few photos to show the progress on the frame. My brazing skills are improving, but largely because I kept finding gaps in the lug shorelines and having to re-braze them, affording me lots of practice. At this point, every lug has been re-brazed at least once, and one has been re-brazed three times. It now looks as if they all are completely sealed, and that there is plenty of filler in each of the joints. Because I was so intent on the latter need, some of my joints required a lot of cleaning up to get a smooth transition between lug and tube. I used a Dremel, small files, and sandpaper to try to achieve this.

This is a rough cleaning. I'll probably do more before sending it off to be painted.

Here I've brazed the articulated drop out of one of the seat stays. I'm really pleased with this brazing job since it was done in one pass, with a goodly amount of filler going in the joint, and minimum globbiness to clean up.

Next up, braze the drop out on the chain stays, measure and cut the chain stays and braze them to the bottom bracket.

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