Monday, October 10, 2011

Done and Done

Yesterday I took advantage of some beautiful riding weather and pushed through to finish up the Bike Garden Challenge. It was a lovely day, in all respects--cloudy and cool, with a calm mist for most of the morning. The miles just melted away.

I remarked to Walu last night that at the beginning of the year, I'd thought that 50 miles a week on my bike was a lot, but that this weekend I rode 50 miles over two days without thinking much about it. At the end of the second day, I was tired, but not especially so. It was a satisfying end to a long tour for many reasons.

So now it is time to call in some pledges. I was buoyed by your support over the course of the year, and I know that the South Plains Food Bank will lifted by it as well. Some of you have already honored your pledges, and for that, I am truly, truly more grateful than you can ever imagine. For the rest of the Challenge supporters, I am grateful to you, too, but you must still please make out your check to the South Plains Food Bank and send it to:

4612 Locust Ave.
Lubbock, TX 79404

Also, do me a favor and write "Bike Garden Challenge" on the memo line on your check. That will ensure that it is earmarked for the food bank's farm. Hopefully, we can also use that to tally up what we've managed to do together with this campaign.

If you'd prefer to give online, there is a way to do that, too. Just go to the sidebar here on the blog, click on the Bike Garden cycling jersey and the link will take you straight to the donation page for the SPFB. Again, please leave a note in the comments section that indicates that you are giving in honor of the Bike Garden Challenge.

Thanks to Fred, Cheryl, and Jill for keeping me company on the last miles of the challenge yesterday (Jill by texting and calling from Kansas as she rode). And as an extra special thank you bonus for all my supporters, a photo I have titled "Victory with Helmet Hair":

Feel free to print this and hang it on your wall. You're welcome.


  1. You go! May those checks pour in for the farm...

  2. Congratulations! Writing the check now...

  3. Oh wait! Saw the "donate on line" info (sometimes, speed reading is a detriment). Noted "Bike Challenge Pledge" under Special Occasion.

  4. Way to go! Well ahead of schedule, too. Congratulations, I'm proud of you.

    Went online and pledged Chewy's donation. Copy and pasted Bike Garden challenge in one of the lines.

  5. congratulations susan! i was thinking of you yesterday as i worked in the open garage, making wreaths from sorghum, enjoying the cool, rainy fall day. every time i looked over at my non-road bike, with helmet quietly hanging from the handlebars, i smiled.

    you did it, with time to spare! sending my pledge in now. i hope the food bank farm elects you as communitarian of the year.

  6. I donated yesterday and put Bike Garden Challenge under honoring, I think.


  7. Yay! Way to go! Will follow up on my pledge ASAP-- as soon as I get paid. :D

  8. Congratulations!

    Through the miracle of modern technology I donated on-line. I hope it took, there was not a real clear end to the process, but I will check back with them soon. I know they appreciate your good work.

  9. Yay! Congratulations! Sent my check a little bit ago (although it hasn't cleared yet?) to start the deluge. Printing out photo for fridge door now.

  10. Thanks everyone! You are all the best!

  11. Congrats!! Did the online thing- didn't see a specific "comments" section, but in every available box (in honor of, acknowledge to, etc) I made it VERY CLEAR it was for the bike garden challenge :) I think they'll get the point.

    AHH!!! Still just so excited about the whole thing. I hope it made LBK news. If it didn't, it should have!!


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