Friday, September 16, 2011


Well, honestly, the garden season was a bust. It was simply too hot and too dry. I have much to do out there, but it is order of cleaning up what didn't survive rather than showing off pretty pictures. And so it goes.

I am re-thinking the garden for next year, however. Word is that La Nina is re-forming, and so we are in for long campaign. Given that, I have decided to do some hard-scaping over the winter to transition the garden to an even more xeric environment. The plant palette will be changing, too. Gone will be the pretties that require a less hostile climate in order to get established. In will come the tough nuts of the plant world, thorns and all.

The vicious heat has finally broken, though, and unlike the rest of Texas, we've even had a bit of rain. With the change in temperature comes a willingness to work outside again. I haven't been doing that at all this summer, because the only time of day in which the temperatures were bearable for living beings was morning, and mornings were reserved for the Bike Garden Challenge. There weren't enough cool hours of the day to do both, and so choices had to be made.

The Challenge is going well--so well that I feel relaxed enough to slow things down a bit and start other kinds of transitions, from road bike to commuter, from cycling to running, from long miles to rest. I suppose the slow down in mileage comes at the best time possible, since school has started again, and thus begins yet another transition...

One more transition that I will be making is the move back into my shop for some projects. I've needed a good build project to set my head straight for a while now, but the few times I went out to the shop to work this summer were brutal. It was dangerously hot in there, and so I put my need to build things on hold.

It's nice out there now, however, and so I've started a project I've been wanting to work on for several months: building a bike frame from scratch. I ordered the parts a while back, when I found them on sale on the interwebs at Nova Cycles. Have a gander at my new bike:

And that's the way the blog turns--there will be garden things again one day, but for now, there be bikes.

P.S.--Get those check books and debit cards ready! I'm aiming for finishing the Challenge sometime in October...

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