Thursday, September 1, 2011

Scenes from the native lawn

I finally had to "graze" my native lawn this week, for fear my neighbors would start complaining about how it looked. But before I did, I took some shots of how lovely it was shortly after we got some welcome rain. Is there anything as pretty as blue grama seed heads when the morning light catches them? They are like flags filled with sun:


  1. I call my lawn a flowery mead - full of wild flowers including fall dandelions.

  2. Could you call it a meadow instead? They're really trendy over here ;)

    We had some people over for dinner last week and they were rather gobsmacked at the state of my lawn - it's full of weeds, nothing like that picture of English perfection you see in books or any of the National Trust or RHS properties.

    Yet, I don't need to water/feed/treat it, it always looks green, the birds hoover up the moss in the spring, bees love the dandelions etc etc

    I think I have the better deal :)

  3. I think the blue grama looks great. It's funny that you wanted to photograph it and show people while also feeling that you needed to mow it so the neighbors wouldn't complain. I totally understand, there's like a disconnect between what people who like plants want to see and think is pretty and normal versus what the lawn mowing/hedging people think is acceptable.

  4. That looks beautiful to me. I wisdh more people had your courage to try it. Forget about the neighbors.


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