Saturday, September 17, 2011

It turns out that blowing snot rockets on the bike when you have a head cold is not such a good idea

Perhaps I do not have to explain why. Even so, the ride made me feel better and did clear my head. It even made the migraine with which I awoke a tad less bothersome. But the best part of the ride was spotting this:

My sibs will know why.

It was a bonny autumn Saturday morning. Hope yours was as well.


  1. oh my. coveting the blue pickup, too. is it possible to have a pick up truck like this on a bucket list? =;)

  2. I talked to the guy who owned this one, and he said he had three of them, simply because he liked them. So i guess they are still around. :-)

  3. PS--We had one in my family when I was growing up. Fire engine red.


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