Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Apple Butter Festival Ride

It is the third week of classes and I am already behind in everything I need to do. I also have come down with a head cold. Both are occupational hazards and right on schedule. Ah well.

There is good news to report, however. The ridiculous heat wave known as summer finally broke last week, and we enjoyed a spate of loveliness. So all was perfect, weather-wise, on Saturday as I set out on the TTU Outdoor Pursuits' annual Apple Butter Festival Ride to neighboring Idalou. The ride was slated to be 46 miles round trip, which was 6 miles farther than I'd ever ridden. I'd had trouble with bonking* when I rode that previous 40 miler, so this time I was prepared with plenty of fuel for the ride:

Since the weather report was variable and we'd be walking around at the festival once we got there, I decided to empty out the contents of my bedroom closet and take it along as well:

We set out around 8:15-ish, in cool, light rain:
Jo Jo, here on the left, was our pleasant and capable leader:

Is there anything more glorious than riding on a rainy morning in a land that has not seen rain in a very long while?

We had a support vehicle, primarily to be there to carry back all the jars of apple butter we planned to buy, but also available to fix flats:

At the Apple Butter Festival, there was, well, apple butter:

A petting zoo:

Mid-ride fueling:

More music:

And of course, bikes:

After the ride back to LBB, the legs felt so good I decided to take a couple of laps around the campus and bust through the 50 mile ceiling. For me, this was a big leap psychologically, since it put the memory of my 40 mile bonk to rest. There is much to be said for overcoming memories that hold us back.

*Note for my British readers: In the States, "bonking" refers to the stop-in-your-tracks exhaustion that occurs during endurance exercise when you have not kept up with your fuel or water. VP tells me that it means something else to y'all. ;-)


  1. That looks like it was a great day's trip and congratulations on sailing through the 50 mile barrier.

    NB bonking has a very different meaning for your British readers ;)

  2. LOL! I'm afraid to ask. :-) Here it simply means "exhausted beyond reason."

  3. Susan -

    ask me next time we get together for a meal etc. I can let you know...



  4. congrads on the ride. I still miss my Grandmother's apple butter. She used to set me up with several jars every year that i would guard treat as gold. Thanks for reminding me of it. Pleasant memory.

  5. Looks like a great ride! And what is not to love about apple butter! I haven't made it in years.

    Understand about pushing through those endurance barriers! Personally can't imagine 50 miles on a bicycle - but on my feet ;-> Hoping to get back to events that long in the next year.

  6. Congratulations on setting a personal record. I know how that must make you feel (especially if some of it was done through a wet landscape).

    Here bonking might lead to exhaustion, but it generally means quick sex.


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