Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Starting Thursday, the forecast shows temperatures in the mid-90s through Saturday. The ten day forecast is even more promising, with temps dipping into the low-90s. In terms of morale, that drop below highs of 100 degrees is huge. Life begins anew.

With the advent of cooler temperatures, my thoughts turn again to the garden, which sadly, looks as if it suffered through the same extreme summer heat that the rest of us did. Approximately half of the new plantings I put out in late spring/early summer look like this:

Yes, my friends, that once was a living thing.

And since this weekend is the Labor Day holiday, I think it's appropriate to fill it full of chores that have been, for one reason or another, left undone, one of them being pulling out all the things that died. I'll also take the opportunity to tidy up the garden for fall. I think I'll leave off re-planting ornamentals until the spring, but I have plans for a winter garden and so I might as well get things ready for that. I want to re-vamp the drip irrigation system to make it more efficient, so I'll probably do some future posts about that little project.

If all that isn't enough to fill out the labor days (or if it gets too hot and I have to go inside), I also need to finish making some window screens for the west side of the house and finish painting the trim in the dining room.

I have plenty of motivation for clearing my undone-chores list, since as soon as I do, I can start on my next quirky project, which is to build my own custom-fit-to-me randonneuring-style bicycle frame. Yes, I will be welding.

So the long term forecast is this: Grit returns to the Bike Garden. Read all about it here.


  1. I jut can't believe your heat. The monarchs and birds are starting to come through, and I fear they'll all die in Texas and Oklahoma. You need rain! It makes no sense! We had 2.5" this morning, we don't need all that, here, you have some....

  2. My undone chore - is getting the garden weeded. After Irene the weeds are going crazy. The roses were happy for a long drink, too, and that was fine, but the weeds . . .

  3. yay for the grit returning to the bicycle garden! i've got some similar laborious chores to do, and am also looking forward to the "cooler" and potentially damp forecast that's heading our way. enjoy.

  4. Our chore list never ends either, although we did just strike building the greenhouse off the list LOL. I wish we'd had some real summer heat this year, although with all our coastal fog this summer, we haven't fried too many plants this year, so I suppose that's a plus. Like you, I can't wait to spruce up the fall garden. I'm sure many of us will have labor intensive Labor Day weekends! ;)

  5. I totally feel like I'm trying to get the garden recovered from summer heat and drought, and we've had nothing like yours (uh, we've just had 6 weeks of no rain and high heat, but hey, we normally have afternoon thunderstorms).

    But, isn't gardening about renewal, and new growth? And that's the beauty of it, too.



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