Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Seen on the Sunday ride

I'll be honest with you, my garden looks like crap right now. I've suspended nearly all watering, only applying it to new plantings. The buffalo grass and blue grama in the front yard still look pretty good, but the Bermuda grass lawn in the back is on its last legs. Shrubs and flowering plants are surviving, but they don't look at all happy about it. In truth, it disheartens me so much to see how bad everything looks that it is difficult for me to go out into the garden for more than the most basic chores.

So instead of showing you my garden, I thought I'd show you other gardens that are fairing better than mine. On Sunday my ride took me through Greek Circle, a neighborhood where all the sororities and fraternities have their houses. Most of the front yards looked, if anything, even worse off than mine (probably owing more to lack of interest than to the drought and heat) but there were three bright spots, shown here:


  1. Given the drought and heat you have been experiencing, these examples (specifically the green lawns) probably look really out of place and context. As far as your garden, this might be a good time/ opportunity to work on the non-living parts of your garden- structures and such that won't wilt. Plus, I'd love to see what your next woodshop project is!

  2. I agree David, and even thought about saying something about it in my post. But the truth is that I am so tired of looking at dead things that the flowers were a nice relief on my ride.

    As for the non-living things, I've got plans for those in the works, but since it involves stonework, I'm waiting for the thermometer to drop below 100.

  3. I look forward to seeing the stonework- I hope the weather returns to the double digits!


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