Monday, July 18, 2011

Seen on the ride

San Angelo is an interesting town. A few years ago, I noticed that many of the front yards I was seeing--far more than here in LBB--were xeric landscapes. Indeed, San Angelo, which has the same climate and water challenges as LBB, is probably at least a decade ahead of LBB in response to the dwindling water supply in the southwest. For one thing, they actually talk about it openly--and with alarm--in their local newspaper. Their columnists, in fact, actually call for real, meaningful action from the citizens on the matter. Imagine that happening here in LBB.

Yeah, I can't either.

Anyway, while I was riding around my sister's neighborhood, I noticed that, unlike my neighborhood, nobody was watering their lawns and that all of them had gone dormant. When everyone's lawn is dormant, it looks quite natural. Some of the neighbors are also taking this drought "opportunity" to let their yards go completely, but others have foregone the lawn altogether and have created some nice xeric landscapes which seem to be doing quite well in this challenging season. I don't normally like a yard that is covered in gravel, but I thought this one looked pretty good:

I think it could have been improved by varying the sizes of the gravel, or planting masses of prairie grasses in places, and the placement of the big boulders seemed a little "off" to me, but overall, I thought it looked quite nice.

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