Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day

I went for a ride and they threw a parade. The two things may not be related, but who's to say?

More importantly, it rained on me during the ride. Not a lot, but it was rain, you know?

I followed all this with a BLT made with a Cherokee Purple tomato, plucked from my own garden, eaten while watching a tape of this morning's stage of the Tour de France.

My life is an embarrasment of riches. Happy Independence Day, y'all.


  1. It must be your lucky day - a parade, your own tomatoes, and dare I say it - rain! Happy 4th to you!

  2. Hey Jean! Looking forward to seeing you in Seattle!

  3. Yay for some rain--may it be a beginning! Well, okay, the Cherokee purple is great too. I'm watching my Cherokee purple for ripe fruits, but here at 7,030 feet elevation, our season is a bit behind yours. BTW, I sent in my contribution tot he food bank, so you'd better keep racking up those miles!

  4. Happy Independence Day to you too my Texas friend. I loved this post. Very funny and upbeat.~~Dee

  5. Enjoy your blog and I am a lover of the 4th also.

  6. love your blog. I love fresh garden tomatoes too.


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