Monday, June 27, 2011

Parting shots

I'm homeward bound today, but I didn't want to leave before adding two or three more photos from my stay in Virginia, land of coolth and rain.

My fellow teacher, Betty Gatewood and her husband Mark beside their vegetable garden:

Our National Squirrel, as seen on the National Mall, Washington DC:

My new favorite T-shirt, sporting the Mary Baldwin College mascot:

As for my own squirrels, fair warning: The ceasefire will be ending around 5 PM today.


  1. Coolth and greenth, two things we in the Southwest lack big time this year... Drag some of that moisture home with you! I hope the coming-home shock isn't too great, and that the squirrels realize you're on the way.

  2. We are suffering this year, that's for sure, Susan.


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