Thursday, June 30, 2011

Harvest on the Western Front

It looks like a battlefield on the farm, what with all the concertina wire, booby traps, water cannons, guard towers, and attack dogs, but by golly gum, I have beat back the squirrels just enough to harvest some tomatoes for the first time in three years. Here is a photo of my first Cherokee purple:

It was not as sweet as I expected it to be, but maybe later ones will be sweeter. On the other hand, I HARVESTED IT. 

Perhaps that is as sweet as it needs to be.


  1. Gorgeous! I decided against trying a tomato container garden this year (maybe next, I hope?), but I just ordered a pound of fresh tomatoes on Greenling (kind of like a CSA), so I'm excited about that!

  2. Good for you for getting a tomato before the darn squirrels (although that Fighting Squirrel mascot is pretty cute.)

    Our new Golden shows exceptional squirrel-chasing promise, so I have high hopes.



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