Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cue the interlude music

Well, while my fellow Lubbockites have been suffering through record heat (I hear it was 110 F yesterday), I've been busy enjoying the relative coolth of Virginia, where I've been teaching a course at Mary Baldwin College called "Nature Journaling across the Curriculum" to teachers:

The "in-class" part of the course ended on Friday, and yesterday and today I've been visiting my brother Jack and his wife in Manassas. Today we went to the United States Botanic Garden, where, as usual, I was as drawn to the structures as I was to the plants:

I head back to the inferno tomorrow, though, and am quite curious to see how the garden is faring in the heat. I'll report on that, as well as continuing the report on the makeover of the back garden.

To tide you over until that time, here is a closing shot from my brother's front garden this morning, taken with my new camera, which I bought here in VA yesterday, since my old one finally gave up the ghost for good on Thursday:


  1. I am trying hard not to be jealous. It is 104F here my dear. I saw a bicyclist riding in it. I would think spandex is hot at 104F. Safe travels.~~Dee

  2. We're having a scorcher here two - just for 2 days though, unlike Texas.

    I love that bench!

    And I see you've been busy at home too - despite the heat ;)

    See you soon :)

  3. You picked a good week to visit...the temps have been unseasonably cooperative! It was in the high 90's week before last. Lately it's been very tolerable. I live on the border of Manassas...I would have loved to say hi in person, had I known you were coming. We were away all last week though, so we might not have been around anyway. Hope your course went well!

  4. Dee--104 is hot no matter what you are--or are not--wearing.! ;-D

    VP--Seattle will be a welcome relief!

    Jan--I was only in Manassas for a couple of whirlwind days, otherwise I definitely would have tried to seek you out to say "hi." Hopefully I'll be going back in the future, so we'll have another chance. Plus, you're going to Seattle, aren't you?

  5. i see you and jean grabbed a shot of the same arch at the U.S. botanic garden! nice! take it easy, easin' on back into the sauna.


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