Saturday, May 21, 2011

The best laid plans...

...gang aft agley, as the poet Robbie Burns said. And mine have been agleying all to yell and beyond this week. The astute reader will note that my little ticker has not moved much, and that's because on Wednesday I came down with some sort of stomach bug that has refused to leave my system. Or maybe it is more accurate to say that it is trying to leave my system several times a day. At any rate, I haven't been feeling well enough to get on the bike or in the garden.

I'm feeling a little better today, though, so I might try to go out for a short ride just to shake the legs out. It has been my hope to hit the halfway point on the challenge in May, and it's still possible, though I have to admit that I'm feeling pretty weak right now. The end of June is the true halfway point on the calendar, so I'm still ahead of schedule, but it would be nice to have some miles in the bank before I start traveling.

I'm also going to try to put in the last few plants I brought home from the nursery a couple of weeks ago. They've been tucked away in a shady spot and I've been watering them regularly, but it's time to get them in the ground.

Then I might have to have a little lie-down and settle into some summer reading.

In other news: I am posting this from my new MacBook Air, as my old computer was irreparable. I've just about got all the software loaded, so things should be motoring along more or less normally now, blog-wise. I just need to get off my sick bed long enough to do something worth blogging about...

I am a bit worried that I'm already far enough behind schedule on things I MUST accomplish this summer that it is imprudent to think about taking a week off to go to Seattle for the Garden Bloggers Fling. Buying a new computer was also an unexpected blow to the summer budget, and is a big chunk of what I'd set aside for the Seattle trip, so financially, it isn't as prudent as it once was, either. Deep in my heart, I know that I shouldn't go, but I do so want to see my friends. I guess I'll have to make a decision soon.

That's the report!


  1. I do hope that bug is soon nothing more than an unpleasant memory. Could you wait till tomorrow to take the bike out and give yourself a few more hours to heal?

    I hope you decide in favor of Seattle. Your friends want to see you too!

  2. I'd be heartbroken to miss seeing the crew, Cindy!

  3. Sussan -
    Sorry to hear you have been waylaid by a stomach bug. there have been some pretty serous ones out there this year.

    Go for the trip. You only go around once in this life.


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