Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lesser Prairie Chicken Festival

Each year for the past four years, I've taken some students to the High Plains Prairie Chicken Festival in Milnesand, New Mexico. We eat good food, rise early to watch the chickens, and then the students do a service project while I teach a workshop in field sketching. This is followed by more good food and a ride home in the van.

This year I got some pretty good photographs of male chickens in their courtship display, using a simple digital camera with a telephoto lens (Canon Powershot). Here is a sampler:

It was non-stop chicken love on the prairie.

And lookit, if seeing the photos of the chickens doesn't inspire you to sign up next year, then you ought to do it just for the green chile stew they serve you the night before.


  1. Well, who wouldn't be attracted to that? Sounds like a good time for all. I love me some green chili stew.~~Dee

  2. It was some awfully good stew, Dee. I had more than one helping.

  3. Sounds great! Though I expect I'd have to start pedaling some time in February to get there in time...

  4. cool chickens...I can't get enough of green chile anything so I am growing my own this year...if I was anywhere nearby I would love the festival...

  5. Did they have brownies again?
    Those things were delicious.

    ...I'm still bitter that Chewy got a hold of the only one I brought home.

  6. I've always wanted to see them. I think there's a group of them on the coast (Gulf, near Port Arthur maybe??). Hmm, maybe next year...

  7. hmm, a prairie chicken watching, nature sketching, and green chili eating field trip sure is tempting...


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