Monday, March 28, 2011

#Episode 4879 in The War of the Squirrels

Yes, once again I am foolishly attempting to foil the fluffy-tailed darlings. This time I've put poultry wire around the raised beds, not to keep the little rats out, but to do so with the dogs, who would think nothing of "claiming" my lettuce and tomatoes with their, um...perfume. By doing this I can open the gate to the veggie garden and release the hounds on the toothy, nut-and-tomato-and-hose eating minxes.

And if I get mad enough--and lord knows I am close to that point--I am going to wire the tomato cages (after I set them up) with an electric shock to get the attention of the furry ambassadors from Order Rodentia.

Naturally, I expect that this plan will be as successful as all my other plans for dealing with this plague of pestilential Scourgels that has been visited upon me and my helpless, undeserving garden. All of which is to say, this latest attempt will probably fail like all the others.

When it comes to hopeless tasks, Sisyphus has nothing on me.


  1. The dog idea might work. My wife and I live in a historic neighborhood with enormous oak trees that house 28 trillion squirrels (small exaggeration). After brainstorming for a good while, I noticed that squirrels never enter the area where my chickens are, I think they're scared of them; so I got the idea to put the gardens (surrounded by bird netting) in the area with the chickens. My theory is that it is easier to keep my hens out of the garden then to keep squirrels out. So far I've been 100% successful.


  2. Donald, it has actually crossed my mind to get chickens. My neighbor has them and says he has no problem with squirrels. Of course, then I'd have to think about how to keep the chickens safe from the dogs...Sigh. It's an endless problem.

  3. Danged furry-tailed rodents. I resent spending money on birdseed to fill their fat bellies!

  4. Cindy, with three pecan trees in my backyard and two in the immediate neighbors', the squirrels have always turned up their noses at any birdseed I put out.

    I guess that's a blessing.

    I guess.

  5. Welcome to the club of the squirrel plagued. I feel your pain. You should see the size of the hole they dug in my garden yesterday. For some reason, they really want to completely dig up this spot, which is imperiling a Cornus alternifolia Golden Shadows. They also had a fondness for digging up Iris histriodes 'Katharine Hodgkin' bulbs and leaving them lying on the ground. They don't bother the Iris reticulatas.

  6. my husband set out traps at one point (don't judge) and then let the one he trapped go because he felt awful...I have almost been to the point of electrifying my garden against the squirrels and voles at some is awful...they say if you plant that chicken wire 3 ft down you can keep out the burrowing creatures too

  7. Barbara--That's almost too funny about how picky they are with the irises. I wonder what's going on there.

    Donna--don't worry about me judging on the trapping business. I'd exterminate them in a heartbeat if it weren't illegal to do so in my county.

  8. I feel your pain, sort of. There's no plague of squirrels around here, it's the blasted wood rats. They feast on the seedlings in my garden, strip the leaves off of my lemon tree, munch on the strawberries, nest in the woodpile, and their latest escapade involves my car. I have to drive 1 1/2 hours to get to the nearest dealership that will do the free service that I'm entitled to for I don't know how many miles which was what I undertook last Friday. An hour into the job the service guy comes up to me and very quietly and discreetly, almost apologetically tells me that I transported 4 live rats to the shop. They had built a nest in the engine compartment. How they survived the drive, I don't know. But they only caught 2 of them (they're in a box, want to see them?), where the other 2 are now, who knows... So far they don't seem to have munched on the wiring, much, I hope. You wouldn't believe the collection of rat traps that I've got scattered around, everywhere.

    Am I ever happy that I don't have a squirrel problem also! Rats, moles, voles, and gophers are enough.

    Good luck with your anti-squirrel campaign! And may you be wood rat free.

  9. Michelle--Wow, sorry to hear about the wood rats getting into the engine compartment of your car. I'm glad they didn't do any damage.

    So far the squirrels have left the cars alone, but they have been bad about chewing wiring in the neighborhood. They even occasionally manage to get inside some of the transformers. It is usually the last thing they do. The whole neighborhood usually knows about it when the power goes out.


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