Thursday, March 17, 2011

The big reveal

By popular demand: a blue fence:

I didn't stain the stringers. They are cedar and will weather to a gray that will "disappear" next to the blue. By not staining them, if I replace the pickets in the future, I can keep the stringers as is, since they will then go with whatever new pickets I put up:

Our Scottie, Archie, is a bit of a digger, so I put flagstones at the base of the back of the fence to discourage him from this practice. We'll see if it works:

It's hard to show in the photos the cooling, soothing effect this small stretch of fence has on the rest of the yard, but here is what greets me as I go through the gate to the shop space (try to ignore the construction mess):

This is such a marked improvement over the ugliness of the hurricane fence that I don't want to wait until I get the opportunity to finish the other half of it. I'm out of time this week, though, so a wait it will have to be.


  1. Looks beautiful- you did the gate proud!

  2. This looks terrific, Susan. I don't remember you ever mentioning having a Scottie dog? Pictures?

  3. Beautiful job Susan! I hope the flagstones keep Archie at bay.

  4. Thanks, y'all! I think it turned out even better than I'd hoped. Now I want to do the other side...

  5. Love, love, love it!

    My Susan uses old cement pavers the way you have employed flagstone. She laid them along the whole picket fence so I have a secret path behind the gardens. They allow me to do perimeter checks without getting yelled at too much. They also discourage weeds and saplings which offend my people. I am not too much of a digger but if I was you might need bigger flagstones. I expect Archie is quite tenacious. Go Archie!

  6. Hi Susan! I really like the mossy blue stain you chose for the pickets. They look great with the (new) blue paint on the gate, and will look even better when the cedar starts to fade to gray. Well done!

  7. Looks great! Hope I get to build a fence as purty one day :)


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