Thursday, March 24, 2011

Annette the Xtracycle goes to class

I had a lot of stuff to carry to class out at Lubbock Lake Landmark yesterday, and it briefly crossed my mind to drive the car. But it was such a pretty spring day, with only light winds of 10 mph or so, and I felt I just couldn't pass up the opportunity. After all, how many truly glorious days do we get in a lifetime?

So into Annette the Xtracycle's spacious saddlebags I packed the Power Point projector, my Apple computer, a thick file of maps, my Crazy Creek chair, a small chalkboard, a chalk eraser, a jacket in case it got cold on the way home, a hat, a bike lock, and a cup of iced tea from Sbx.

Loaded up, Annette travels the highways like a stately queen. She is slower than waiting for Christmas, but as steady as a cruise ship on a glassy sea.

Our little trip to LLL added 9 miles to the Bike Garden Challenge kitty, plus there were a couple more from errands earlier in the day.


  1. I need some more of your spirit! I know those x's can be a tough haul but they're still so useful!

  2. Love the "slower than waiting for Christmas" part. :D Way to park the car!

  3. Wow, I am in awe. I'm not brave enough to put that much stuff in my panniers!

  4. "Annette travels the highways like a stately queen"~way to travel Susan! gail word verification is cycles

  5. Very cool. Glad to see the miles ticking away.

    And what a great example for your students!


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