Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sick day

I woke up this morning with what is probably a mild bug going around campus. I knew it was coming, since I've been seeing an inordinate number of references to "food poisoning" on FB and Twitter. Funny how food poisoning always seems to go in these contagious waves.

Anyway, that was hours ago, and I'm already feeling nearly normal. Still, I've declared it an official "sick day," and have decided to work on blog/garden/bike/writing stuff. One of the things I've been doing is checking out other bike blogs, looking for some inspiration to get out there and ride in this unusually cold weather.* One, Let's Go Ride A Bike, has made me smile, even through the tummy rumbles, and inspired me not just to get out and pedal around, but to try to exhibit some style while doing so.

Style is not my thing. I must have been distracted by a shiny object when they were handing out style instructions at the Life Factory, since although I can recognize it whenever I see it, I am largely clueless as to how to achieve it. And if comfort and expediency also happen to be issues, then even the attempt at style is instantly off the game board.

Yesterday was a case in point. Sick and tired of being chilled to the bone, I donned flannel-lined jeans sized to fit a pear (I am an apple, so you can imagine the voluminous, calamitous results), a turtle neck, a red-checked flannel shirt, a black fleece vest, and red Rockport shoes in order to teach a class. It was a pretty frumpy outfit.

But I was warm.

Today, however, I feel inspired by LGRAB to dust off my girl card and make a stab at style while riding my bike. As soon as it's warmer. And only if it's comfortable.

Oh hell, the only promise I can make is that it won't involve over-sized flannel-lined jeans.

In other news: You may or may not have noticed that I've put a little linky-box to my favorite local bicycle shop (lbs) over on the sidebar. This is not a paid advertisement. I've simply put it there because these guys truly do keep me rolling. They are friendly, know me by name, and have helped me out of occasional tiny jams when I've dropped by and said things like, "It's making this clinking-clacking noise that is driving me nuts..."

I like them so much, I once foisted dropped off some Thin Mints at the shop so I wouldn't eat myself into an early Girl Scout cookie grave just to show my appreciation. Anyway, high time I gave them a plug.

*Well, it may not be a big deal to someone living in Chicago, but it's cold and miserable for the likes of me.


  1. Once the temps dip below 45, style is on its own. Or so I say. ;)

  2. Maybe one of those hats that resemble a face masks would have been a good complement to the outfit -- no one would have recognized you.

    Seriously, I personally believe that once you're a woman over 50 no one notices what you wear. I've stopped worrying and just go for weird (and warm if that's called for). And I was famous for style as a younger person.

    Hope you feel better!

  3. Susan

    About a week ago I came down with a stomach virus that lasted exactly 24 hours. During that time I was nausated, feverouis and a stomach ache that I just wanted it to go away. I sincerly hope it is not what I had. Glad you are feeling better.

    When I still reported for work. I would sometime call my boss and tell him I was taking a mental health day. Meaning I could not take director of our department that day. It was understood I was avaliable by phone if something came up. For me it was time in the shop, reading, and hunting for books. A good day for me.

    We all need a mental health day occasionally.


  4. Su--A good policy!

    TM--I hope that's true about being over 50 and no one noticing, because it's handy if it is.

    David--It was just a 24 hour stomach bug. Feeling much better now. Even so, I think a mental health day is in order. Fortunately, we're already at the weekend, so I don't even have to cal in sick!


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