Saturday, February 26, 2011

As usual, the garden continued on in my absence

When last we left the saga of the hoop house, I'd finished all but the door. As it turns out, I'm not going to have a fancy-schmancy hoop house door to show you, since the day I went out to work on it was the day I also came down with the flu. I sat in the garden staring at the project, trying to come up with a plan, but all I could think about was how I had no energy at all. Little did I know why...

In the end, I simply draped a piece of plastic sheeting over one end, connecting it with these handy clippies at the top:

and using the same to attach a left over piece of PVC down at the bottom. When I want to leave the door open, I turn the PVC upright, stick it on a piece of re-bar stuck in the ground, et voila! And you know what? It works just fine.

The clippies were suggested to me by Clare in one of the comments on the original hoop house post. They are ridiculously expensive, and I did consider cobbling up some homemade ones for a minute or two. In the end, though, I decided that I was already behind in getting things up and running, and what little spare time I had could be better used elsewhere. I ordered them from Territorial Seed and they arrived within a week. They are easy to attach, and add a fair bit of sturdiness to whole design.

I'm quite appalled at how much such a simple thing costs (roughly $1.25 apiece), but since I can re-use them every year, I suppose it is worth the investment. A package of 20 for a hoop house this size (~9' long, 5' wide, and 5' tall) is sufficient.

Chickens guarding the lettuce

Tomorrow we are supposed to have sustained winds of 35 mph, with gusts up to 60 mph, so I'll be curious to see how the hoop house holds up. I'll be sure to post a report if it blows away.

I had also started soaking snow peas for planting (they germinate better with a good overnight soak), but felt too ill for a couple of days after putting them in water to do anything about it. Eventually, however, I crawled out to the garden, dug a trench an inch deep, and planted them 2 inches apart. That was some time ago, however, and as of this morning, there was still no sign that they were planning to come up. So yesterday I started soaking another batch, and went out to the garden this morning to plant another row:

If the first batch eventually comes up, bueno, I can always pull up the second row after it germinates. If not, I've got a back up plan.

A week ago I managed to cough long and hard enough to pull some muscles in my lower back, and I've been battling muscle spasms ever since. So I don't know how quickly I'm going to get back up to speed on either the riding or the gardening.  The weather reports are all about high wind warnings for a few days, however, so I don't suppose I'll miss much by being all stove up.


  1. Wow, planting peas in February! I like the hoop house. We just went through a weekend of winds whipping up towards 60 mph - thankfully temps stayed in the 20's so it was not as bad as it could have been. I hear fish houses were blowing around though ;->

  2. My wife and I have begun planning our small container garden and as to what and in what do we grow. Hope to begin a fresh next week. Don't know about your neck of hte woods in TX but for us trees are budding out.

  3. Good luck with your snow peas...the voles absconded with all of ours. We're trying another crop though...but I'm not holding out much hope.


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