Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cycling Jersey: price breakdown

I once returned $100 that a distracted bank clerk accidentally gave me.

True story.

She had counted out several hundred dollars to me while she was talking to someone, and on a hunch, I re-counted the stack of bills once I got home. Sure enough, she'd given me a hundred dollars too much. So I immediately got in my car and drove back to the bank, stood in line, and gave her the money back. Needless to say, she was happy I did this.

Why am I telling you this? Because I need you to trust me when I say that I will donate $10 to the South Plains Food Bank farm for every Bike Garden cycling jersey you buy. It's just the easiest way to go about this. I'm not trying to make a buck here--I'm just trying to have some fun and send some money to the food bank farm. But then things like state sales and federal income taxes get involved, and it gets complicated real fast.

I'm not a 501c3 and have no intention of going to the trouble to become one, so I have to charge you state sales tax. And I know that by doing it this way, I'll have to report it on my income tax return. I'm OK with that, though, since I believe in taxes. They do a lot of good for us, like, for instance, pay for public education. (We forget that sometimes.)

So that's why, even though I'm asking you to pay a little more for the jersey than they actually cost ($10 more), and telling you that that extra bit is going for a good cause instead of into my pocket, I am still going to have to charge you state sales tax. Think of the sales tax as a donation to higher education in the Great State of You Are Not the Boss of Me, which is, even as we speak, threatening to cut waaaaaay back on our funding in order to make up for a state shortfall in the budget.

To further make things simple for me, I'm going to offer just the club fit, in the short sleeve version. (Both men's and women's cuts are available.)

Here is the price break down, as best I can figure:
  • Short Sleeve jersey (club fit): $72* + $5.94 tax and $4.95 shipping = $82.89
If you live in LBB, you can of course pick the jersey up from me and avoid the shipping cost, so your total cost would be $77.94, including the $10 donation.

The jerseys come in both men's and women's cuts, and the size ranges are XS-XXL. Here is a link to Canari's sizing chart. You are getting what is called the "pro" fit on the chart.

I find the fit to run pretty true. To help you out with an idea of what that is, I am 5'5", and weigh 137 pounds. And I am what is euphemistically referred to as an "apple."

I fall exactly between a medium and a large in women's and will probably get a large (actually, I'll probably get one of each, for different, erm...eating seasons**). If you are not used to wearing cycling jerseys, bear in mind that by their nature, they are generally form fitting (think "less wind resistance").

I'm going to place an order on Friday, so if you're interested, let me know. If you don't want to commit just yet, but you might sometime in the future, no worries, I will probably place another order sometime this year. We have a period of eight months after the initial order in which we can order more jerseys.

Once the order is placed, the pricing structure may change a little based on numbers of jerseys ordered. If I end up getting a price break, though, I'll just send the extra money on to the Food Bank farm. That's my promise.

*Includes the $10 donation and $3 extra for a hidden zipper
**Darn you, Girl Scout cookies!


  1. The husband & I love it! We'll take a men's large. Let me know the details,

  2. Very good, Barbara. I'll put it down. I'll message you with payment details.

  3. I desperately want one, but there's no room in the budget just now... :( I'll keep an eye out for a future order, though!

  4. Not to worry, Su. I'll place another order in the future.

  5. It's a gorgeous design, and I'm thinking about what I'd do with a cycling jersey--could be I'll decide it's worth it just to have a piece of Susan Tomlinson chicken art supporting the food bank farm! In the meantime, thanks for the bit about the taxes. I give my own little tax spiel every time someone wants to buy one of my books and I send them to my local indie bookstore instead b/c they're set up to collect and pay the taxes. How can we forget the roads, the schools, the convenience of utilities and telephones, the ambulance services and hospitals, the parks and forests, the bike trails, and so on? Oops, stepping carefully back off the podium now...

  6. Actually, Susan, A friend of mine had a great suggestion this morning that I'm going to look into, and that is to create a T-shirt that looks like the cycling jersey. A cycling jersey is a pretty specialized garment, and is therefore expensive and not likely to be worn by people not actually...well, cycling. However, a T-shirt is something I could offer for much less money. So hold off and I'll let you know what transpires.

  7. Love the t-shirt idea, Susan! I'll wait and watch... (We're going into our second full year with no income b/c of Richard's brain cancer, so I have to be very careful with expenses since our savings aren't going to last forever!)