Friday, December 24, 2010

Of pirates, hot rods, and voices in our heads: a report

I know I promised to post something about my progress every day during the break, but what can I say? I've been busy with the usual holiday this-n-that. OK, mostly I've been shopping. But it was fun for a change.

My brother and his wife were in town for a few days, and since they now live in Virginia, they've been homesick for all things Texas. Consequently, there was nothing for it but to go shopping for the perfect cowboy boots and eat every night at Abuelo's until we bled chiles rellenos from our eyes. Which we did.

Here are the boots Jack bought, an unabashed display of hand-made Raider Pirate Power:

And mine, which look suspiciously like hot rods for your feet:

I think they call to mind something that superheroines would wear. Click on the photo to check out the stitching on these bad-girl Tony Lamas. These boots are nothing short of folk art, my friends.

I also bought this nifty work jacket at Tractor Supply, for winter gardening and woodworking (when the shop is cold enough for a jacket, but not cold enough to fire up the kerosene heater):

Anyway, some progress on my projects has been made. I have been busy in the shop, making the cabriole legs for the ottoman, and I'll post something more about that tomorrow. But here's a teaser shot:

And while I haven't gotten a lot more writing done over the past three days, I have been thinking about the story and working out problems. Suffice it to say that the The Voice is becoming clearer to me, and I am Inhabiting the Main Character, which all sounds a bit alarming, I know, but I think both are pre-requisites to Becoming a Great Author. Or so I've heard. But that could just be The Voice lying to me.

That's the report. Merry Christmas Eve to all.


  1. Love the boots, yours that is. This is a fun blog to follow. I hope the "Voice" says to rest some with a good book and hot mulled wine. The Ant

  2. Hey there, Ant! Mulled wine and books are always on the holiday docket, no worries about that.

  3. Oh my, the Voice, the Muse, Inhabiting the Character? What have you been reading?

    The boots are fab.

    Did you know I've written the three requisite bad books, and they sit in my closet wanting out as we speak, 'er write.~~Dee

  4. Dee--maybe we can trade our books when mine is finished!

  5. Wow, Susan cool boots although I do believe that the TT boots could of been a pair of Ok. Sooners boots. But that maybe just the Okie in me talking.

    I particlarly liked seeing the photos of the legs for your ottoman. Great looking work. Look forward to seeing some more photos of the piece as it progresses.

    Merry Xmas.

  6. Thanks for the update- I'm glad you got the boots.
    looking forward to the ottoman and story.

  7. Merry Christmas! I wish Santa would bring everyone hot rods for the feet!

  8. Oh, I forgot to mention, although I am glad you got the jacket, for safety reasons, never wear a jacket to work in your shop. If it is not warm enough to roll up your sleeves, heat the shop. Wearing bulky clothes and using hand or especially power tools can be dangerous. This is my holiday safety message to all your readers. Be safe.


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