Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The first step is a plan...

Well, it's been a busy week around the Bike Garden, what with the last week of school, and now finals and grading, and commencement coming up at the end of the week. These two weeks also seem to be when we have our heaviest load of meetings, since the impression among meeting-callers is that we have nothing else to do now that we aren't teaching classes.


Anyway, I figure I have three more days of intensive grading, followed by two days of commencement, and then my time is more or less my own for about three weeks. Of course, I still have course prep for the coming spring semester, but I've already been working on that, so now it is simply a matter of pulling it all together and doing a lot of advance reading...

So I'm thinking about starting a writing project during the break. I won't say much more right now other than that it is something I've always wanted to do, but have never had the time/will/guts/courage/discipline/attention span.

Well, okay, I'll tell you this much: a story is involved. So yes, I am dipping my toes into the swirly waters of fiction for a change. I am not entirely convinced that I know what I am doing.

And here is how you are going to help: I will post a little something about what I am doing toward my goal and how the project is going every single day during the break.

And for inspiration I am going to imagine that I am telling this story to you, my brothers and sisters, as I go along, like in the olden days, when writers would spin their tales in newspaper installments. (Though, of course, I will not be actually posting it here, since my story will be brilliant and make me rich beyond my wildest dreams, allowing me to retire early and work all day, every day in the Bike Garden, which it could not do if I posted it here. So you see.)

So go fix yourself a hot toddy, settle down by the fire,  and wrap a quilt around your knees against the winter cold. Be my imaginary listeners.

If all goes well, I'll be far enough into by the time the semester ends that there won't be any turning back...


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