Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day One-ish

Actually, I'm still in grading mode, so I haven't technically started my little project, which I have decided to call Holiday Break Marathon Writing Sprint, or, COWS.*

Nevertheless, I have been doing some work on the story, mainly in the areas of research and plotting. This is all very different from doing what I usually do, which falls under the general realm of "literary non-fiction." By this I mean to say that while essayists like myself do occasionally succumb to the siren call of research, the concept of plot is completely foreign to us.

Plotting? There's no plotting is essay writing. We're all about big ideas, and argument, stuff.

So the plotting thing has had me a bit worried, to be perfectly honest. In fact, the worry caused me to dither endlessly about launching the project at all. I have a great backstory, however, and so I decided that while I was trying to figure out the main plot, I'd just go ahead and research my main character's back story. And as you might have guessed, researching the backstory actually led me to a what I think will be a very good idea for the main plot.

I have, in addition to plotting and whatnot, been working on files for my cast of characters, and fleshing out a very sketchy chapter outline.

That's today's report. But before I leave you, I know that looking at a blog with no pictures is no fun at all, so I'll post this random shot of me having lunch at Chipotle today. In it, you can clearly see the literary wheels turning behind my eyes. Or maybe that's just bleariness from grading...


*OK, I know that COWS is not really the acronym for Holiday Break Marathon Writing Sprint, but in case you hadn't noticed HBMWS doesn't spell an actual, live word. Plus, cows are funny.


  1. Yo! I like the sounds of this project and look forward to reading each installment. Have fun!

  2. Will we see this project on your blog? Must be nice to get away from some of the academic stuff!

  3. Cindy and Jean! Yo! I won't be posting the actual writing project on the blog, just reports on the progress...But yes, it is nice to get away from academic stuff for even a short while.


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