Sunday, November 7, 2010

Why Walu and I probably will not retire in LBB

My brother Jack and I went to a funeral for a beloved uncle this week up in Long Island. After the services and the reception, Jack and I took our leave and went to nearby Jones Beach:

On our way back, we noticed some cyclists on a bike path that appeared to wind for several miles from the beach back to the nearby town of Seaford, so Jack and I set out to find where the path began. We found it here in the town's Cedar Park, at the Ellen Farrant Memorial Bikeway:

The next day, Jack and I were looking to kill some time before heading out to the airport. He suggested a walk; I countered with a walk along the bike path. He queried the GPS for "bike path" and came up with yet another, only minutes away from where we were staying, The Bethpage State Park Bike Path:

Two paths--two!--within spitting distance of each other.  I mean, Seaford is only 6-7 miles from Farmingdale, where the state park is. How crazy is that? 

Riddle me this: Why should we stay here, when LBB doesn't have the quality-of-life chops to create even one bike path? It's not like we don't have space here. This was in the northeast, where people live on top of each other.

LBB had better pony up on the recreation/cycling issue, or we're outta here.


  1. You can retire here. We have lots of lovely bike paths next to the Oklahoma River. Just sayin'. Also good ones in several places in Edmond.~~Dee

  2. Susan If you get a chance you should try out the the bike path between Weatherford and Mineral Wells state park along the old railroad path.

  3. We have a path that connects the eastern side of our county with the western side. It's pretty nice, except that it runs along side an extensively-driven roadway so there is usually traffic. The one I really love is up at Mount Vernon. The path runs along side the Potomac River for miles. We've never ridden it in it's entirety, but when we go, we drive to a little side area off the George Washington Parkway where there are picnic tables overlooking the river. We ride and then go back and eat a picnic lunch. My husband, son and I went just a couple of weeks ago.
    I have a question. I think I'd really like to get your book, 'A Naturalist's Notebook'. I'd love to have you sign it for me;-) Should I buy it and send it to you with return postage? Or is there a way you can get one to me if I send you the $$? It looks so interesting and well done. I liked the clarity and simplicity in the few pages that were featured 'inside the book' on the Amazon website. Could you let me know? You could send me a message on Facebook. Thanks! Jan

  4. S --

    If you Google "Ellen Farrant Memorial Bikeway," this blog appears on the first page! Woo HOO!

    Just sayin.
    Gorgeous pics. There is nothing like New England in the fall. . .


  5. Susan, We have bike paths in Nashville. Not enough mind you, but we do. Plus the parks are very good destinations for bikers. I still get mad at what we don't have! LIke sidewalks, some kind of mass transit system and a decent school system! gail

  6. Ha! Try Boulder. They pretty much have a bike path along each creek, and the paths go under the regular road so you never have to stop for traffice and it's faster to bike than to drive.

    I get so tired of the bike paths we have here, going along for a few miles and then just stopping because the "real" traffic needs a left-turn lane. Oh well...

  7. I agree with Town Mouse on Co. We were there last summer and had a marvelous time on the bike paths. The paths are part of the transportation network in Denver. Unfortunately here in S.E. Va. there are only a smattering of recreational trails which are fun but really don't go anywhere.

  8. David--I'll have to check that out. Thanks for the tip.

    Jan--that bike path sounds lovely. I'll message you about the book.

    Terri--Xtra cool.

    Gail--I think the world would be a happier place with more bike paths.

    TM--Boulder is in the mountains. With snow...

    Les--Ditto my comments to Town Mouse on CO. I don't do well with snow...


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