Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I may be slow, but I look good

I am slowly coming back into something that resembles fitness. I've been running, cycling, and lifting weights, and my diet, while not perfect, has at least been cleaned up a little. I feel better and I am starting to need to hike up my jeans every once in a while to keep them from slipping down my hips. Even so, I notice that when I do my "time trails" around the campus on my moderately high-end all-carbon steed--the one that weighs scarcely more than a thought--all dolled up and sparkly in my cycling jersey and shorts, I am regularly passed by young men in jeans and hiking boots, riding clunky mountain bikes. 

They are as the freely-flowing wind blowing by, while I am as the ancient holly shrub, all prickly and rooted in place.

It matters not, for with the years has come wisdom, and what I know that they do not yet is that it is style that counts in the race against time.

Actually, I must have known this even in my youth, since that's a photo my brother dug up from my father's archived slides. We're both dressed up for the annual bike parade in Roswell, New Mexico, some forty-plus years ago. Wish I still had that outfit. It would look extra good on my time trials.


  1. Yo! The cyclist formerly known as Jingles?

  2. Yes, those crazy college kids would notice you in that outfit. Keep peddling. The Ant

  3. So that was Roswell--were you aliens? ;~)

  4. I am lost for words. The kid in the red sweater is totally overshadowed!

  5. Cindy--Yo back atcha!

    Ant--I might scare some of them.

    Susan--Hahahahaha! Um, no. ;-)

    EzG--My feelings exactly. We didn't win anything for our outfits, but I thought we looked pretty grand.

  6. How 'bout making an outfit like those and wearing it on campus. LOL!! You would certainly get noticed - maybe some of your more difficult students would lighten up a bit. :D

  7. And aerodynamic! (you posted this pic, wow)