Monday, October 11, 2010

Thank you Austin, and good night!

I had a terrific trip to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center for my reading and book signing. The crowd was small, but attentive, and we met in the auditorium, which I had never seen before. It is a gorgeous structure:

There were, um, more people at the talk than what you see in the photo. 
While there, I met some old friends and new: 

Saw the Center in all its wonderful autumn glory, and scored some plants I've been coveting for the garden, like this Gulf muhly on display in the courtyard:

Later in the afternoon, I learned some new tricks, like stand-up paddling on the San Marcos River:

(That's some pretty fab hat hair I have in the photo...)

But best of all, I got to do some good old Sunday morning countryside porch sitting with my old pal Kambra:

Many thanks to the LBJWC for inviting me to participate in their Fall Festival. It made for an enjoyable, relaxing weekend.


  1. Many people forget that it was Ladybird who brought to our attention the beauty of our native wild flowers. Enjoyed your photos and I don't believe that I have heard of a Gulf Muhly guite beautiful.

  2. You did stand-up paddling! How fun! Kambra's house and property look gorgeous. What a nice place to hang out for morning coffee.

  3. Glad it was a good visit. And THAT looks like one good ole Texas porch. Every Sunday needs one.

  4. David--I'm not sure that Gulf muhly is going to make it up here in the colder climes of LBB, but it's worth a shot. Also, while I was there, I heard a couple of wonderful stories about Lady Bird and the facility. She was truly a special person, with vision. The world needs more like her.

    Pam--I was sorry you got sick and we couldn't meet up after the talk. The stand-up paddling almost made up for it!

    Lynn--my feelings exactly.

  5. What a beautiful Muhly grass, and the auditorium is gorgeous! I noticed the 'Plant & Seed Sale' banner in the background of one photo...I've been going to too many of those in recent weeks. Too many tempting natives! I think I may need to cut myself off until I get some planting done!

  6. I wish I'd been able to make it there. I'm with Pam, Kambra's porch looks like a great spot for coffee in the morning ... and wine in the evening, might I add!

  7. Glad that Austin and Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center treated you well. I loved visiting with my sister before GWA and seeing how great everything looked!

  8. It was wonderful getting to meet you at the Wildflower Center. Looks like you had great fun during your visit -- business and pleasure!