Sunday, October 17, 2010

An autumn ride with a bonus

Well, my usual training buddies Jill and Homicide Dick Dave were both unavailable for a Sunday ride, so I had to go out by myself. It was still good, though, as it was a gorgeous October morning, with only light winds. Plus, I ran across this at the windmill museum:

A tractor show! The nice people running it waived the entry fee for me and I went in and wandered around. In addition to rows and rows of restored, classic tractors...

...they were having tractor games. Here the tractors are waiting in line to take turns at balancing on a big steel plate. The one that balances in the shortest amount of time wins:

The person in the lead at the point I took the picture, the grandson of a woman who was explaining it all to me, was going on to the national tractor championships later. Who knew they had a national tractor championship?

And as a bonus, my Specialized Ruby once again found her color soulmate:

The only thing that could have possibly have made it more festive would have been some grilled sausage and fried pies.
My dad loved tractors. I wish he could have been there to see it.


  1. A bonus indeed.
    What a great color too

  2. Susan,
    What a fantastic day it looks like you had. You come across some of the best things while out and about. Kudos to the people working the gate who allowed you free admittance, besides great sights you come across some really great people in your travels as well. Yep, I go with the color also. - G

  3. Tractor games! Who knew?!? Looks like a great time was had by all...

  4. Tractors if you were raised around farms was the first thing you learned to drive followed by a hay truck. First tractor I drove was a old International pulling a manure trailer. Thanks for bringing up old memories.


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