Saturday, September 25, 2010

A pleasant afternoon. That's all. Just a pleasant afternoon.

Nothing big to report here. I just had a pleasant afternoon visiting with my old college roommate, Barbara, who was in town visiting her parents for the weekend. We went to Abuelo's for lunch (though no swirls were imbibed, it was still a tasty meal), went shopping for a purse for her, and then went to Little Red Nursery, a favorite of mine and a place that Barbara always has on her "must see" list.

Here are the two of us taking turns sitting on a beautiful bench (which she can't figure out how to pack on the plane):

I found an adorable seersucker hat there that matched both the bench and my purse. Naturally, it had to come home with me:


  1. I want the bench, and the pots. You may keep the hat. (I love hats on everyone else, just not me). Glad you had a pleasant afternoon. We all need those.

  2. Jodi--I want that bench, too. haven't stopped thinking about how good it would look in my garden.



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