Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Blanket chest update

Well, since school started, I've had less and less time to work on the blanket chest, which should hardly come as news to anyone. Even so, I've managed to nibble at it a little here, and pick at it a little there. This weekend I glued it up:

And as per usual, I seem to be incapable of hewing to the original set of plans. In addition to making it three-fourths as large as the one on which this is based, I've also beveled the edge of the lid. This is because a) I nicked a corner and needed to hide my mistake, b) I think it looks better this way and makes reference to the chamfered edges of the legs, and c) it will hurt less when I bang my knee on it in the middle of the night when I get up to go to the bathroom.

I've also added a little detail missing on the original chest. That dark spot on the front, the one that looks like it might be a mortise lock, is in fact a wooden button with copper wire for "thread":
I thought the dark button, in addition to injecting a little whimsy in the piece, would make an allusion to sewing (you know writers--they see allusion and metaphor in everything). Since this chest is supposed to house family quilts when it is finished, I thought that was appropriate. Plus, it pulls in the dark color of the spalted maple on the side panel.

Next up is applying the finish, then adding the cedar lining to the interior.


  1. You are such a talented gal! Beautiful job.

  2. Very nice looking chest. I like the contrasting wood and detail. Your woodworking is what led me to your blog.

  3. Hey y'all--Thanks, so much! Isn't that spalted maple pretty?

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  5. My word verification is "booti," which to me seems remarkably close to "booty," which my pirate genes translate as "good stuff worth pinching from someone else," which strikes me just the wrong sort of encouragement when looking as such a lovely piece as this.

    The button is a delightful replacement for a lock, but if you hear I'm coming to town you might make sure there's one installed on the shop door. Lock, I mean. Not button. Oh, YOU know. ;-)

  6. I don't think I could say it any better than Sherrie did, even though I am much too saintly to be tempted to pinch the chest--at least until you have it full of family heirlooms... I love that button--what a delightful bit of whimsy and a wonderful allusion to sewing and those hands that created what the chest will hold!

  7. A handsome piece! And a perfect place to store cats...

    BTW: My word verification is "noses" which suits me perfectly!

  8. It's a lovely piece~Yes, the spalted maple is pretty! gail

  9. The blanket chest is just beautiful, even unfinished. I wish I was half as talented as you. Alas I'm more rough-carpentry, more framing, than furniture grade.

  10. nice work susan! i especially like your allusion to sewing. i expect to see a pic of the chest full of family heirlooms when it's all done.

    pardon my woodworking naivete, but does the button detail function like an actual lock? or is it a mechanism that you push in to open the top of the lid?

    and yes, the spalted maple sure is pretty.

  11. inventive of you - turning a small mistake into a design statement. The box looks beautiful. I envy your talent!

  12. You cracked me up with the "up in the night" comment about why you beveled the edge. The chest continues to be simple and elegant in its beauty.

  13. Sherrie--maybe we could work out a trade--your prints for a blanket chest. ;-)

    Susan--The family heirlooms will definitely be the most valuable part.

    Carmella--don't think we haven't thought of the cats.


    CVF--This is my first real furniture piece. Like you, I'm better at garden projects.

    Andrea--No, the button is purely decorative. Maybe I'll try a real button lock on a future project.

    EG--I've had plenty of practice turning mistakes into "design." ;-)

    Cindy--Truthfully, I _was_ considering rounding over the edges for that very reason, even before I nicked it.

  14. Susan, this is an absolute work of art. An A+ isn't good enough for this piece. The button idea is delightful.


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