Friday, August 20, 2010

Pearl and Henrietta: School Supplies

"Let's see what's on the list...pencils, erasers, spiral notebooks, calculator, lunchpail featuring the entire cast of 'Lost in Space'..."

"That last item may be a little hard to find."


  1. Have a great back to school week my friend. I took the last of my children yesterday. The house is quiet but a whole lot cleaner.

  2. Did you illustrate these yourself? What a timely post! Yesterday my husband and I missed Back-to-School night. Now I have to email the teacher to apologize and find out what other supplies we need to buy.

  3. The girl says, "It's really funny!" We just finished up our school supply shopping today, and the kids go back on Tuesday. I'll be happy to say goodbye to summer.

  4. I google "Lost in Space" lunchbox, and by golly, you can get 'em. Let Pearl and Henrietta know!

  5. The next one should be Pearl and Henrietta Take on Tax Free Weekend.....

    ...nevermind... the thought alone is too stressful.

  6. Yes, do have fun this semester~ope your classes are filled with those eager to learn~gail

  7. Thanks, y'all! Walu and I are busy getting geared up for the semester, though I've yet to find a Lost in Space lunch box. I'll check out Google, though, Carol!

  8. I found some great back to school deals for school supplies. I'm pretty much done looking school supplies with the deals i found at

  9. Love the idea of the Lost in Space lunch can. Here's wishing you the very best of students in this coming year! (throws a little corn to the Girls...)

  10. Dee--Thanks, it is taking a bit of doing to get back into the swing of things.

    Helen--yes, the girls are my own creation. Good luck with finding those school supplies.

    MMD--Well, I can't say *I'm* happy to say goodbye to it. LOL!

    Carol--I'll pass that along to them. ;-)

    Eileen--You're right. Let's not think about it.

    Gail--Thanks, I'll try.

    Juba--Is that an ad?



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