Saturday, July 10, 2010

What I'm up to in Buffa10

For the past couple of days and for a couple of more I am in Buffalo, New York, for the third annual garden bloggers meet-up. These have been called the "Spring Fling" in the past, but the organizers here in Buffalo wanted to link the get-together with the Buffalo Garden Walk, a rather spectacular event held each year in July, so to call it "Spring" would be seasonally discombobulating. No matter, they came up with a snappy title all their own that is season-neutral: "Buffa10."

This is my first meet-up, and though exhausted, I'm having a blast, mostly because I am getting to meet blogging pals, many of whom I feel like I've known forever in the virtual world, like Lisa, of Natural Gardening:

We're touring the gardens while we're here. This is my first time in Buffalo, and I have to say that I'm really impressed with the level of involvement in gardening in the city. One of my favorite stops yesterday was at a "landscape makeover" done in conjunction with the National Garden Festival. Local landscapers donated time and materials to create front gardens for an entire block of houses like these:

Locals can stop by for a look and vote on the landscape they like best, all of which I can only imagine will inspire them to go home and work on their own front yards.

I have plenty more pictures from yesterdays' tour, unfortunately, I left my computer connector thingy for my camera at the hotel I stayed at the first night, so I have no way at present to download them. Still, I have my trusty iPhone, which I ended up using much of the day yesterday anyway, largely because it was raining, and it was easier to juggle it and an umbrella, many of which were in attendance in the gardens:

The rain was warm and gentle, though, so it didn't put an damper at all on the doings, and the gardens we saw yesterday were wonderful, and ranged from public, like the Japanese garden (the photo of which is on my camera), to commercial, like this local nursery: 

To private, like this charming backyard garden:


  1. I wish I could be there. Keep posting.

  2. This sounds like so much fun :-D. I do hope the hotel will send your "computer connector thingy" to you :)

    Pics. are great - rain looks wonderful - almost forget what that stuff is like living in the Sonoran Desert.

    Thanks for sharing the link to "Natural Gardening" - great blog.


  3. Oh, isn't it great fun to feel like you've known folks forever, and connect with kindred spirits...

    This has really been a great event even though I'm pretty darn exhausted, too.


  4. Putterer: Wish you were here, too.

    Lindy: Yes, "Natural Gardening is a very good blog.

    Lisa: Exhausted doesn't begin to describe it--but it is worth it to meet everyone and see these great gardens. BTW, the usb cable worked. Thanks!

  5. This sounds like lots of fun
    My wife & I wish we were there as well.

    I like the Japanese garden design, very niche & adorable.

    Jay Chua

  6. I am really enjoying touring these gardens through all of you lucky ones that got to attend, thanks!

  7. Those are some good iphone photos my friend.~~Dee

  8. I wish I was back there. It was such an inspiring trip, with such great ideas for plant combinations and design ideas. It was loads of fun to visit the gardens with bloggers, and it was a treat to meet you.

  9. It was great to meet you in person, Susan. Hope you had a good trip home.

  10. I thought I had commented on this when I read a few days ago. I missed the 15th Street gardens our Party Bus driver got lost. Love the shot of the umbrellas at the Bird intrepid lot! Had such a wonderful time meeting you and hope we can stay in touch@


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