Thursday, July 29, 2010

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming... remove a large branch from the pecan tree that cracked and, uh, fell over the shop. It was about a foot in diameter and thirty feet long--long enough, fortunately, that the end of it came to rest in my neighbor's yard, which in turn prevented it from coming down on top of the roof. I don't have a photo of that (I was in such a state of dither about it that I momentarily forgot to record the event for the blog), but this is where it was:

Fortunately, I found a tree guy, Mark Stewart, of Stewart Landscaping, who was willing to come out on a Saturday and make the shop safe. Then he returned on Monday to finish the job. While he was at it, I had him take out this branch, seen here in earlier years:

The branch has long cast shade on the farm, and I've debated for a couple of years about whether to take it out, since what is unwelcome on my tomato plants* is very welcome on the shop. However, it was the twin of the branch that came down, and one look at that near miss made up my mind in a hurry. Here is the after:

And here is the Lincoln log fort I'm building from it:

Actually, I'll pass the leavings along to my neighbors for firewood.

And! And! As a bonus, Mark also installs gutters and gave me a very reasonable bid for doing the shop and the front of the house. So as soon as I finish the bench, I'm going to finish painting the trim on both and giving him a call.

*Though I don't know why I'm worrying about whether my tomatoes get enough sun, since apparently all I'm doing is growing them to feed the squirrels.


  1. If life gives you pecan branches, make rain gutters? Hm. I am a little burned out on lemonade, but not sure I can make the metaphoric leap. Instead, I shall sip a mojito and watch the fun from over the fence.

  2. Send Mark over to my house when he's through with yours. What's a few hundred miles down I-20??

    I think it looks a lot better. And safer of course. You were lucky there.

  3. Oh my, so glad the shop roof was spared. It's always amazing how much larger tree limbs look when they're no longer attached to the tree! I'm sorry about the squirrels, we have them too, and they always take more than their fair share from the garden.

  4. It's always surprising how much more light we have when a few branches are taken out~You'll feel better having the twin gone~gail

  5. WOW! This branch sounds like it could have been a tree all by itself. So fortunate in so many ways: your shop was spared, no house was damaged, no living beings were injured.

  6. ...and the squirrels thank you.