Saturday, July 3, 2010

Shop Girl: Disaster upon chaos

Well, no sooner had I tucked the sink neatly into the corner:

...and hung the small-thingy-bits cabinet on the wall and had the "day-core" adjusted just so:

...than over 4 inches of rain fell in 2 days*, resulting in flooding conditions in the woodworking shop and causing the cabinets and table saw to beat a hasty retreat to the middle of the floor:

But this is actually a good thing, since flooding during heavy rains has been a persistent problem there, and this allowed me to see exactly where the water was coming in. The primary (and very thorny) problem is that the shop sits at a lower elevation than the rest of the property and water streams down the drive straight at the front carriage doors. I knew this from past observations, so I spent the earlier part of the week caulking the sill there in anticipation of the storm. This did manage to keep most of the water out that was coming in from that direction, but what I hadn't banked on was the small river that flowed in from a crack in the foundation on the east wall:

On the plus side, the new Muck shoes that I recently bought on my trip to Maine came in handy:

No worries, though, because in a twinkle I dug a trench to divert the water, mopped the floor, turned on a fan, and threw open the big doors to air it all out. Here it is, just four hours later:

Apparently the crack on the east wall is below grade, so as soon as things dry out a little, I'm going to dig out the piles of leaves and dirt that has accumulated there through the last three quarters of a century since the shop was built, and slap a gutter along the eaves to collected and divert the water that is pouring off during the worst deluges.

As for the front doors, I believe I have a more permanent solution there, too. It involves a drain and some concrete work, though, so I may have to hire some help.

I hadn't intended to address persistent problems in the shop this early in the series, but when opportunity comes a-knocking, one does well to pay it heed.

*According to my rain gauge.


  1. I am so very impressed :-D. You are a wealth of information not to mention motivation. Love this "series".

    I even found your Muck shoes online. I have been taking brief looks at garden shoes/boots knowing I will need some such thing once I get to northern MI. These look perfect and cute to boot (pun intended:)


  2. wow you're good at cleaning up fast! wanna spend a day in my garage? :9 hehehe, good work!

  3. Been there and done that. Nothing like having to redo after weather showed you were mistaken

  4. Oh, my -- I hadn't visited in the last number of weeks, so I had no idea that you'd been coping with flooding in your woodworking area - yikes. But it looks like you cleaned up fast!

    Thanks for the Sue Hubbell mention-- I'll look her up as well as checking out your book.

    An excellent thing to have done!

    I've done two small books and it's been a delightful thing, at least when they've been finished!



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