Saturday, June 19, 2010

OK, perhaps I've let things go a bit...

You can't swing a dead cat in Maine without hitting either a woodworking shop, boat builder, or tool maker, so I came back from my trip inspired to do some paddle-making. When I walked into my shop, however, this is what I found:

Vines cleaned off the screens, benchtop cleared and dusted, and the windows thrown open to catch the dry summer air. Short work to get it ship-shape:

Now that things are the way I like them, I've picked up a project I started a while back. I'll do some posts on it in the upcoming week and fill you in.


  1. Very nice! I'm afraid to look our workshop...I've so let it go this spring...

  2. O.O I am extremely envious of your workshop. If only I could wave a wand and have our garage instantly dusted, swept and reorganized....

  3. OK - how about full and complete details of your workshop? I'm thinking you should (please, pretty please:) tell us what tools you have, all about that work table in the pic - the whole enchilada.

    I want one like yours :-D


  4. I love those pictures Susan. They look like such progress was made, and the room looks both industrious and cozy. Can't wait to see what you make.~~Dee

  5. The before picture reminds me of my pickup truck. The after picture not so much, alas.

  6. All it needs is a kettle and a packet of McVities, for a nice cup of tea and a biscuit! BTW I didn't put two and two together - I just did a [p]review of your lovely book "How to keep a naturalist's notebook" on our blog - I'm going to set up my kit this weekend and see how I get on!


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