Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Maine Schedule

Rise at 6 and work for an hour or so. 
Try to ignore the view from the window at my writing desk.

Gather in the kitchen for breakfast with the others and spend a couple of hours planning the next NEW-CUE conference, "American Women Writing Nature, Continuing the work of Rachel Carson." "Women's Work, Writing in the Spirit of Rachel Carson" (new title, as of this morning's meeting).

Break for a walk with the dog.

See some wildflowers.

And cows.

Maybe go down to the lake and stare at the reflections in water.

Work some more until mid-afternoon.

Break for some sightseeing in town.

And used-book shopping.

Check out the famous, locally-grown, free-range, organic woodworking tools, made just up the road.

Shop for supper fixins at Beth's, or go to Moody's Diner or Billy's Tavern for fish-related victuals.

Break out the wine and fall asleep while watching a DVD.


  1. I am so jealous Susan. I spent almost every summer at my grandmother's house in Milbridge, Maine. I don't get back as often as I would like. You bring back so many wonderful memories. I love reading your blog, but recently I have been gobbling it up! Lubbock is hot hot hot! Enjoy! I love beets and have never had a reaction. I am sorry that you did.

  2. Sounds like heaven to me. I've spent a few summer weeks in Maine over the years, and it's always hard to leave.

  3. Hi Susan, good to meet you and your blog, which I will enjoy!

    I wanted you to know that the latest issue of <> magazine is about water issues and what we can do to help conserve water. Check it out. Let me know about radio essays!


  4. Hi again, it is Yes! Magazine--don't know why that was cut out of the previous comment!

  5. A perfect day! Must be very difficult to concentrate on work while sitting at that desk!

  6. The coast of Maine - in summertime! I don't think there is any better place - my brother lived for a few years in Camden. Take in as much of the cool evening air as you can!

  7. What a plan for a perfect day! My husband was born in Caribou, Maine...lived there for the first 4 years of his life and has never been back. I'm dieing to go~!

  8. You went to Maine. I went to the Outer Banks. My schedule was looser than yours.

    1. Wake up. East breakfast.
    2. Sit on the beach and absorb the sound of the waves.
    3. Eat lunch.
    4. Read a book.
    5. Eat dinner.
    6. Go to bed.

    Good work you're doing. When are you coming to Oklahoma?~~Dee


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