Monday, June 7, 2010

Beth's Farm Market, Warren, Maine

So this is one of the places we are getting our food for supper every night, just up the road from the cottage:

Fresh vegetables, in an alarmingly attractive architectural arrangement (if they look this good all piled up, I might just have to eat them):

Locally made soaps:

More architecture:

Geographically appropriate sugar products:

Canned goods, the non-Del Monte version:

Donuts (!):

And, of course:


  1. Everything looks very YUM! I love our local farm markets...our waterfront market opened this past weekend, though I imagine the rain kept a lot of people away. And there are many more within a 20 mile radius.

  2. YUM! My mouth is watering. That first pic of the outside of the building with flowers - that is what I want the front yard of my new house in rural northern MI to look like. That is my goal, my dream and what I will work for. :-D


  3. O.O I wish there was something like that down the street from me!

  4. i have been coming to Beth's for almost 20 years now.... I love the fresh veggies espcially the little cauliflowers.


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