Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wildflower Wednesday

This past weekend my siblings and I got together to take my mother to a concert that featured the world-renowned "Mariachi Vargas." During the day, while we waited for my brother to arrive, the sisters drove Mom around the countryside to look at the wildflowers that were blooming.

Texas + spring + rain = wildflowers.

One of my favorites, Prairie Verbena:

A funky, confused, but pretty wildflower, Rayless Gaillardia:

Damn Yellow Composites:

Stopped for cheeseburgers and pie at "Twisters" in Robert Lee:

I had chocolate: 

You Know What: 

Thanks to Gail from Clay and Limestone for the inspiration for "Wildflower Wednesday."


  1. Beautiful pictures and great idea for a post.

  2. So wonderful...I love the Texas Bluebonnets and verbena is a charmer. This spring has been good for wildflowers here, too. They've kept their blooms for much longer then usual. Now if cocoa bars would grow naturally I could say my garden was perfect! Glad you joined in! gail I added your link to my post

  3. Texas is so beautiful this spring. I am with you on the yellow composites.

  4. Oh that verbena is so lovely. You're making me hungry reading this.......... I need some chocolate.

  5. Hello, Susan.
    My comments are not about this wonderful post with its beautiful pictures. Instead I want to comment about a book: "In the Sun's House" by Kurt Caswell. I read this book because you had mentioned it in an earlier post. I read this book in almost one sitting - finished it Monday past. Today I came across the essay, "The Road to Crownpoint" from this book on I was held captive by this book all the way through and am still mesmerized by what Prof. Caswell wrote of his experiences teaching on the Navajo Reservation here in AZ. I realized over and over again, just how closely my Hispanic classes of 4th graders resemble Mr. Caswell's classes of Navajo children. How similar their feelings about being forced to learn English; how their views on dogs are exactly the same. I recognized the rebellion and resistance in both cultures. I have spent 11 years attempting to teach in this culture. Eleven years trying to do everything the Department of Ed. tells me I absolutely have to do and eleven frustrating years knowing that this system isn't working. I'm going to quit writing now before I air all of my frustrations with our educational system. I just want to says thanks for introducing me to this book.

    Lindy (AZ)

  6. Lindy,

    Thank you so much for these generous and supportive comments about my book, IN THE SUN'S HOUSE. So good to hear that my story informs your story. I am grateful to you for reading my work.

    My very best to you and your teaching.


  7. I used to have a postcard on the fridge that said "Keep Your Fork - There's Pie!" That could be my epitaph, when needed.

    Lovely wildflowers and so nice that your mom got to enjoy them too.

    Yes, I have started volunteering at the Miller Library at the CUH here in Seattle. Don't know why I didn't ask earlier - they need people to do lots of stuff. I learn so much every time I go, the people who work there are great, and I get to see the gardens unfold week by week. Lucky me! Next time you come visit, that and Tilth have got to be on the list.


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